In Sounds

“I’d just like to thank you and your fellow players for your great music on Saturday – excellent playing and programme which really contributed to the atmosphere of J and B’s big day.” CT, wedding client, York

“I would like to express my gratitude for the superb performance that you put on for us at various events throughout December. We received numerous compliments regarding the quality of the performances. The playlist you chose was perfect and it was performed to a very high level. I look forward to working with you again in the future.” AP, corporate client, Leeds

“When I got out of the car and heard the beautiful music floating across the air it made my day.” CG, bride

“Thank you so much for playing. The music has really made the day.” JT, Groom

“You are a very gifted teacher.” RI, Course Leader

“Alison is a reliable and conscientious musician who is always happy to dep whenever availability allows. I can rely on Alison to be punctual, prepared and polite whether dates are arranged in advance or at short notice. In my experience Alison fulfils any commitments she makes and is a highly capable musician.” AW, Yorkshire Wind Orchestra

In Words

“A really enjoyable collaboration. It’s fantastic working with Alison, discussing creative projects and all areas of promotion.” AS, Composer and Saxophonist

“One of the most efficient and effective managers it has been my pleasure to know… a range of skills and knowledge that is quite outstanding.” BA, Chairman, Yorkshire Dance

“Music feeds Alison in a way that nothing else does. Her extraordinary professionalism combined with her extensive skills and passionate commitment to music-making and education make Alison a huge asset.” SD, Director, Yorkshire Dance

“Alison’s writing always provides an insightful point of view, managing to weave conversational strands with detailed information in relatively short amounts of space. Her work is focused, succinct and presents the facts in an easily manageable way without fuss or over-generalisation.” JH, BASBWE / Winds

“Alison reviews CDs of our clients in a professional, engaging manner exhibiting a deep musical understanding and genuine passion for the genre.” LP, Albion Media

“Reviewers frequently express their personal likes or dislikes, which are not of interest, or draw one’s attention to themselves and away from the primary purpose. The readership require an informative and unbiased assessment, well researched background and an accurate review of content, value and suitable gradation of the product. I look forward to Alison’s reviews which always supply astute comment, relevant background and well written judgement, from which one is able to quantify suitability for the reader’s particular purpose. Her wide experience as a musician and reviewer is invaluable.” DA, Composer and Arranger

“From in depth interviews with composers and reviews of concerts published in established magazines to press releases targeting a wide range of local publications, Alison has raised the public profile of our ensemble.” MA, Yorkshire Saxophone Choir

“Alison has done a great job on my liner notes. Great writing!” DS, Saxophonist

In Pictures

“Many thanks indeed for your excellent images. They would be a most welcome addition to our photographic archive. I’m sure we could use several on the website at different times of year.” (Portmeirion images) RL, Portmeirion Ltd

“You have some lovely photos there!” (Iceland images) Ben, Photobox Ltd