Waving goodbye to Nottingham

I’m coming to the end of a fantastic four terms working for Nottingham Music Service as a temporary Wider Opportunities Instrumental Teacher. I’ve been teaching flute and clarinet in a total of nine different schools across Nottingham city, as well as coaching the woodwind section at three different area bands. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being much more closely connected with the people benefiting from our services than was possible in previous office based jobs, and it’s been particularly rewarding to see the enormous progress that the students have made over the last year. I’ve met so many wonderful young people and teachers, and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the great team at Nottingham Music Service.

I had my last day of teaching yesterday, which was an excellent day working in two schools plus area band. In the morning school, there were performances by the Year 4 classes and Year 5 follow on group and individuals. It went extremely well, particularly considering that there was only one hour to rehearse all the groups, including a joint item by the two Year 4 classes! In the afternoon it was my whole class of Year 4 flutes, who, having started as complete beginners in September, played and sang brilliantly with confidence and great tone. The teacher’s reaction to their progress was one of amazement, not having been involved in the classes in recent weeks, and the young people themselves were so proud of their playing. A huge number are interested in joining an area band next year, so I gave them a special additional session to help to prepare them.

I’m looking forward to finishing in style with a full day of concerts at the Albert Hall (Nottingham!) tomorrow. Thank You and Goodbye Nottingham – it’s been a blast!